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Tendons are thick, fibrous, bands that connect our bones to muscles. They work with muscles to exert the pulling force throughout different body parts. When tendons become inflamed or endure microscopic tears, this is called tendonitis. People with tendonitis feel a tender, dull ache localized around the injury.

Two common culprits for tendonitis are overuse and overload. Repeated motions during work, sports, or other physical activities increase the chance of developing tendonitis. The shoulder, elbow and bicep are particularly susceptible to this type of injury.

Tendonitis Treatment

Our Ogden Clinic Hand and Upper Extremities Specialists will conduct a physical exam that may include an x-ray, MRI or ultrasound. Tendonitis treatment aims to reduce the inflammation and pain. Sometimes it’s a simple fix: rest, stretching, compression, and/or medication. For more severe conditions, our specialist may use a combination of corticosteroid injections or minimally invasive surgery to assist healing.

Surgery is considered a last-resort for Ogden patients who do not respond properly to other tendonitis treatments or who have experienced a tendon rupture. During surgery, inflammatory tissue is removed from the area.

Preventing Tendonitis

Easy steps can be taken for preventing tendonitis and tendonitis reoccurrence. Any time you are planning to use your muscles strenuously (exercise, lifting, moving, etc.) make sure they are warmed up. Take time to stretch afterward, since stretching can help minimize repetitive trauma on tight tissue.

Since most tendonitis cases come from daily repetition, it’s crucial to practice proper form. You may want to have your workplace ergonomics evaluated to reduce improper technique. Ease up on activities that place excessive stress on your tendons; slow down, stop, and take a break throughout the day. Finally, if you begin to experience localized pain or soreness, contact our Hand and Upper Extremities experts at Ogden Clinic as soon as possible for an evaluation.

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