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Enlarged Prostate (BPH) Treatment

Nearly 50% of men over the age of 50 will suffer from some sort of urinary dysfunction in their lifetime and many of these problems come from an enlarged prostate. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the medical term for an enlarged prostate gland and the symptoms that come with it.

One or more of these symptoms may be a sign of BPH:

  • A weak urine stream
  • Straining to urinate
  • Trouble starting the flow of urine
  • Not emptying your bladder completely
  • Sudden urges to urinate and urinating often

Treatment Options for BPH

Managing BPH has evolved throughout the years. Many men choose to take oral medications that either relax or shrink the prostate to improve symptoms. Unfortunately, most medication for BPH requires lifelong administration and may lose efficacy over time.

Some BPH surgeries cure the enlargement but, because they are so invasive, men face a lengthy recovery time. Other surgeries will shrink or displace tissue, but they are less effective in eliminating the problem.

When it comes down to it, a number of men chose to live with their symptoms and never seek treatment because they don’t want to start a new prescription or are hesitant about surgery. That shouldn’t be the case, and that’s why Ogden Clinic’s urologists offer the minimally-invasive Rezum BPH treatment.

What is Rezum® BPH treatment?

Rezum® is a safe and effective BPH treatment that uses thermal energy in water vapor to remove the obstructive tissue surrounding the prostate. Rezum® is a transurethral needle ablation procedure: a minimally-invasive delivery system that sends a needle into the urethra and injects water vapor into the prostate tissue.

What makes Rezum® different from other BPH treatments?

A one-time procedure: Ditch medications that need to be taken every day. Rezum® is a one-time procedure that gives men noticeable symptom improvements within two weeks.

  • It’s quick: Unlike surgeries that last an hour or longer, Rezum® treatment is finished in a matter of minutes. Laser therapy and transurethral resection (TURP) require men to undergo general anesthesia, but Rezum® is performed with local anesthesia.
  • It’s minimally-invasive: During treatment, patients receive local anesthesia to reduce discomfort. Your Ogden Clinic urologist will guide a slender needle into the urethra with built-in radiofrequency energy. Once in place, water vapor is injected into the prostate tissue, causing the cells to die almost immediately. Over time, you body absorbs the treated tissue as part of its natural healing response.

Rezum® BPH Treatment FAQs

What BPH symptoms improve after Rezum® therapy?

With only a few drops of water, Rezum® water vapor therapy improves urinary frequency, urgency, and straining. It also preserves all sexual and urinary functions.

What can I expect during recovery?

In most cases, you will go home with a catheter overnight to help with bladder drainage. The catheter will be removed the following day. Blood in the urine and some mild burning may occur in the days following treatment.

Is the Rezum® BPH treatment covered by insurance?

Most insurances cover this BPH treatment. If they do not, the price of the Rezum® BPH treatment out -of-pocket may be considerably less expensive than long-term medication or surgery.

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