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Plantar Fascitis - (Heel Spur Syndrome)

Nearly two million Americans experience heel pain from plantar fasciitis every year. The pain from a bone spur in one or both heels can be lingering and intractable. Patients at Ogden Clinic experience this very common heel pain condition when the heel or connecting tissue surrounding the heel becomes inflamed. Weight gain, loss of flexibility, and improper footwear are all common culprits for developing heel spurs in Ogden and the surrounding areas. Plantar Fasciitis is also common in athletes who put a lot of impact on their feet, such as distance runners. Fortunately, fasciitis is very treatable.

There are several ways to remedy heel pain from a bone spur without surgery. Your Ogden Clinic foot and ankle specialist will work with you to develop a spur treatment protocol which may include rehabilitation techniques and a course of steroidal injections or anti-inflammatory medication.

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