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Sports Physicals and Missionary Physicals

Over 38 million kids and teens participate in organized sports every year in the US. Most schools and sport leagues require players to receive a child sports physical prior to participation. Although it’s off the field, this exam is one of the most important components of safety in sports. That’s because sports physicals ensure that kids and teens who play sports are physically capable of meeting the demands of their sport.

Ogden Clinic provides thorough child sports physicals to screen athletes for conditions that may limit their activity. If they live with medical conditions such as asthma, Pediatricians at Ogden Clinic also ensure that existing conditions will not be aggravated by intense exercise.

Every child sports physical at Ogden Clinic is accompanied with a questionnaire we use to evaluate the child’s medical history, history of illness and injury, and all medication/treatment they are receiving for existing conditions. Please come prepared with information about your child’s:

  • Personal and family history of illness
  • Diagnosed medical conditions
  • Current medications and past hospitalizations
  • Immunizations
  • Allergies
  • Emergency contact information
  • Menstruation irregularities for female patients

This sports season, make an appointment with an Ogden Clinic Pediatrician to ensure kids stay happy and healthy out on the field.

Missionary Physicals

Missionaries serve in various environments throughout the world and spend hours every day walking or engaging in physical activities. Prior to missionary service, the LDS church and other denominations require that young adults complete a missionary physical.

Missionary physical exams at Ogden Clinic are used to identify and resolve health issues that may detract a missionary’s ability to devote their full attention to service. This physical exam is designed for our patients to:

  • Fulfill immunizations and vaccines
  • Complete all specified laboratory testing, X-rays, and skin tests
  • Stabilize chronic problems such as asthma, diabetes, etc.
  • Address major illnesses, injuries, and prolonged treatment

Schedule a missionary physical at Ogden Clinic today. We have pediatric services at many of our locations from Pleasant View to Farmington.

Scout Physicals

Scouting adventures such as camping trips, excursions, and having fun in the outdoors is important to everyone who participates in scouts. But just as important is your safety and well-being. Ogden Clinic Pediatricians provide annual health physicals for boy scouts and girl scouts.

A Scout Physical at Ogden Clinic identifies risks that could interfere with scout performance including cardiovascular health, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and sleep apnea. Schedule a Scout Physical with an experienced pediatrician today!

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