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Nutrition Counseling/Dietitian

Take back your health, energy, and happiness with help from a dietitian who understands you.

Nobody knows your body better than you. Discovering the proper nutrition and lifestyle factors tailored to your unique body has the ability to reverse chronic illnesses and promote a healthy weight. We work with each individual to meet them where they are in their wellness journey and together we find practical ways that fit in your life. Our goal is to help you create habits that are:

  • Sustainable,
  • Enjoyable,
  • And can be maintained long-term.

We combine our passion for helping others feel their best with the latest evidence-based research, technology, tools and wellness coaching to provide the best possible care during your wellness journey.

Our Approach to Dieting

Some diets completely restrict people from eating specific foods. But when a person is told not to do something, such as eat a delicious cookie, they really want to do that thing. A healthy diet plan for weight loss from our Providers is less about drawing up a list of “dos” and “do nots” so much as educating patients around the effects of different food.

The tailored diet/weight loss plan you’ll receive gives you a realistic opportunity to improve your life. Your dietitian support is based not only in healthy eating and exercise, but in hormone composition, metabolism, and other factors.

Identifying Factors that Affect Metabolism

Our integrated approach to better health includes keeping track of the factors affecting your metabolism. We’ll delve into things like:

  • Food: Diet journaling provides overhead view of your food preferences and satiety levels.
  • Water: Water plays a role in every body process, from regulating metabolism to helping you feel full.
  • Electrolytes: Electrolytes aid in hydration and support your metabolism.
  • Activity: We meet you where you’re at with physical abilities. We just ask that you strive for some activity during the day and build upon it.
  • Sleep: Sleep is the most underrated factor for weight loss. Without adequate sleep, you’ll crave starchy or sugary foods and won’t receive the proper fullness signals.
  • Mood/stress: As with sleep, hormones are released when we’re under too much stress that can affect weight. We’d like you to keep track of how you’re feeling daily.
  • Habit: Are you finding that the days are becoming easier? What’s helping the habit stick?

To take the first step toward better health, weight loss, and energy, request an appointment with an Ogden Clinic dietitian today.

Notice: Ogden Clinic Dietetics is a referral specialty. Patients must first establish care with Medical Weight Loss before scheduling a visit with a dietitian.

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