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Acne Management

Most of us have experienced acne problems at some point in our lives. In most people, acne tends to subside in the late teens to early twenties. Still, some people continue to experience acne throughout adulthood that can be troublesome and painful.
Acne is an inflammatory condition that includes blackhead and whiteheads (called comedones), red pimples, and even large nodules. Although most common on the face, acne also affects the shoulders, back, chest, and arms.

Ogden Clinic Acne Treatment

Visit Ogden Clinic’s experienced dermatologists if you experience severe or persistent acne. We are proud to offer many tried-and-true acne solutions and even aggressive treatment options for those with severe acne.

Other Acne Options

  • Antibiotics (to help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation)
  • Birth control pills and other hormone-adjusting medication
  • Isotretinoin: Prescription medication used to treat deep, painful cysts, nodules, and other severe acne

Select providers are now using Telemedicine.
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