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Giant und Chop Needle Technique

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 Arthroscopic Realignment of Patellofemoral Instability
 A. Giant Needle Technique

The Patellofemoral instability is successfully treated through arthroscopic realignment using the Giant Needle Technique.
It is easy, quick and with excellent results.
1. Sutures are passed percutaneously through the posterior and anterior margins of the medial retinacular defect.
2. Retinacular plicating sutures being passed into the portal.
3. Medially directed pressure is applied to the lateral margin of the patella as the sutures are being tied individually. This allows maximum plication of the medial retinaculum.
B. Chop Needle Technique
The Chop Needles Technique offers exact placement of the suture especially in cases of anatomical variations.
Sutures are passed percutaneously using the chop needle catcher through the posterior margin of the medial retinacular defect and pulled with the chop puller through the anterior margin. Then the sutures are tied as mentioned above.
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