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Giant Needle Technique

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 Arthroscopic Three Step Rotator Cuff Repair


An arthroscopic repair of large rotator cuff tear, easier and quicker
than open reconstruction.

A major breakthrough is achieved through the arthroscopic Giant and Chop Needle Technique. The only which reconstruct the rotator cuff irrelevant to its size. Easy suturing technique. No anchor or hardware. The quality of the bone has no effect on repair. Reconstruction is same as open method. Simple , easy and quick. More than 6000 successful surgeries in the last 8 years.

Dr. med. Basim Fleega

Massive cuff tear
Preparation of Sulcus
  1. Prepare

"Giant Needle" through cuff and head

Placement of portals
Placement of suture
  2. Pass
Simple knot with small "Knot Driver" Complete Repair
  3. Tie
Matriss suture knot with "Soft Tissue Knot Driver" Giant Needle and Needleguide
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