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Punch Chop Needle Technique

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 Overlap Bankart Repair
Using standard arthroscopic maneuvers shoulder surgeons can expect excellent results for reattaching torn labrum tissue to bone with the punch-chop needle technique. This Technique is easy, quick, cheap and allows anatomical reconstruction of the labrum through increasing the glenoid surface as open bankart repair. You will find the punch-chop needle System provides all the necessary instrumentation for complete and successful repair of shoulder instability.
1. Establish three portals
1. Posterior superior used for 70 scope
2. Anterior superior located in the rotator interval area just anterior to the biceps tendon
3. Posterior inferior located 2 cm below the superior portal which is used for instrumentation
2. Through the punch needle guide . a 2.4 mm K. wire is used to make a hole through the anterior glenoid 2-3 mm posterior to the edge in the articular surface anteriorly.
3. A Punch Needle is used to pass . the suture through the hole in the anterior glenoid. A Chop Needle Puller is passed medial to the labrum through the capsule to pull the (one suture limb out of the canula.
4. The two limbs of the suture are
pulled out through the canula.
5. Standard arthroscopic knot tying techniques are used to secure the capsulolabral ligaments to the glenoid.
6. To complete the repair, you can place a second and or third suture. The widening of the glenoid through the labrum bulk is achieved.
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